Cultural learnings

I'll do a proper post on Sunday, upon which I have decided to go the pier. Or, I had decided, but then I learned I'm a half hour train journey from a wildlife park containing the only tigers in Wales. So now I'm torn. The pier is free, obviously, and God knows I've spent enough money this last couple of months, so we'll se how I feel/what the weather is.

For now, some of my recent learnings on my rural life:

- do not confuse the time and effort it takes to walk somewhere and back with the time and effort it takes to walk to the same place and back CARRYING HEAVY THINGS. The price for ignoring this lesson will be paid in pain and blisters

- people really do make eye contact and smile more outside major cities

- shopowners will knock a few quid off the price of something if you chat for a while/you take a liking to them/you happen to share a non-White ethnic heritage with them

- Welsh is actually not dead

- cinema = "the pictures". I vaguely recall my Welsh grandmother using this term

- the bus drivers are still jerks, but they are jerks that GIVE YOU CHANGE. BY THE SEVEN GODS OF WESTEROS WHAT IS THIS SORCERY

- Pubs that are not branches of Wetherspoons still exist. Just not many.