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This week has been completely insane, but not in a bad way. It turns out working your way through grad school is quite students have their essays due in 6 days and they're rather anxious, emailing me a lot, requesting meetings etc....and I have about 45 students. Unfortunately it's not going to calm down anytime soon as once the essays are in I have to mark them but hey, I'm making some money now and I do like the teaching. It's a good course - popular culture and cultural theory. I just wish I had super energy. One of my housemates only sleeps like 4hrs a night. I wish I could do that.

Anyway, borgmama1of5 said I was gonna love Garth in this week's ep, and I totally did. He was adorable and he yelled at the Winchesters and made them see sense, and when he told Dean off for yelling at him because 'Bobby belonged to all of us' I went AWWWW out loud. Some people are gonna be annoyed that D was pissed at S for not trying to find him, because in the old days, he would've been completely self-sacrificial about it, but I actually like him better as a character now he's less of a martyr. And now I want Garth and Bobby friendship fic! Someone produce this! Also, D J Qualls seems pretty much as adorable as his character. I've just been looking at his Twitter.

My American friends - congratulations. I think. I mean, as Salman Rushdie put it in a Tweet, four years ago he was celebrating, now he's just relieved he won't be waking up in Romney's America....but you must feeling that relief at least. People over here are too dumb to vote Labour just because Milliband lacks charisma. Ugh. They're the ONLY PARTY WHICH ISN'T GOING TO SCREW YOU IN YOUR FACE AND ALSO HAS A CHANCE OF WINNING, PEOPLE. So he's not a TV star. Big deal. I mean we've got a Socialist candidate whom I might vote for in the local election but that's pretty much a waste of a vote...he won't get in. So Labour it is, I guess. At least they won't decimate the NHS any further.

Anyway, I have to get up, do the cats' morning maintenance (not just feeding. I've done that. Teeth brushing, chin wiping, hairball paste. I know, I know) and clean the house a bit. THEN I am going to have a shower and a rest. Sooo looking forward to that. Maybe watch some old school SPN. Ok, have a good w/end everyone.
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