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Um. I'm confused.

When stuff goes well I'm really happy, but then stuff happens and I get really upset...I need to become like a Buddhist, less affected by ups and downs and things...or not. At least my life is interesting.

So yesterday was the last day we could sign up to a year's contract with our energy company, on the agreement of no more price raising. My one housemate didn't want to, because she thought she could find a better deal, and kept saying she would research it...but she didn't. I asked her several times and she knew when the deadline was. So yesterday I texted her like, 'Ok, so can you let me know if you found anything otherwise I'm gonna go ahead and sign up'. No text, no contact. Knocked her door - zilch. So I signed up, otherwise we'd end up paying even more. Now I'm worried she'll be mad at me, which wouldn't be particularly reasonable, but will still upset me!

Beebs, on the special food, has had zero symptoms for a week. The vet wants to keep her on it another 3-4 weeks, as her issues have been going on so long, then try transitioning. But then this morning....a trace of red in her stool. No diarrhoea. I'm convinced she's got a fissure in her colon which opens up for no discernible reason. It was only a trace, so I'll just have to hope it's gone tomorrow. It really does look like I've got a cat with a mild but chronic condition, which I have self-diagnosed as 'naughty belly'. Maybe it's the cat equivalent of irritable bowel syndrome. She's looking fabulous, though, and has grown a magnificent winter coat. She's also taken to fighting my hand as a kind of game, which is my fault, as I am a shitty disciplinarian and never taught her that hands are not for biting and kicking. Also, she's become highly territorial. If another cat comes in the garden whilst she's in the run, she *seriously* offers to fight it. Zara runs away, and I'm pretty sure Sammy would not actually have engaged a fight, though he postured a bit. Bibi has also developed a wide range of communicative noises, one of which - BRRRRRING! - has given rise to the nickname 'Doorbell'.

My students hand their essays in today. So next week I'm gonna have a metric ton of marking to do, but at least I'll make some good money (to maintain my special special cat!). They've been very anxious as they are second years, so this is the first assignment that counts towards their degree grade-wise. They just have to pass the first year.

Well I'd better get on. Watching the new SPN tonight! :D
Tags: academia, habibi, personal
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