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Bibi data record

of Bibi's colitis management to help me better see patterns. This is just for my benefit but I'll leave it public (link in sidebar) in case anyone else finds themselves dealing with an animal with similar issues. Who knows, maybe I'll discover something! Unless stated otherwise, it can been assumed that her general demeneaour is as naughty, loud, energetic, cheeky and affectionate as always.

04/08/13 - Fed Royal Canin sensitivity control for 1 month. Fine until now, but blood on stool surface last few days. Started new probiotic: no improvement. Response: stop probiotic, continue hairball paste, switch to gastro-intestinal food for a while as for some reason *changing* her food seems to improve. Weight 4.5kg.

05/08/13 - smaller stool, no blood. Continuing with g/i. Weight 4.4kg.

07/08/13 - same as previous entry.
08/08/13 - feeding primarily g/i with a few bits sensitive to make her finish/avoid waste. Hairball paste only supplement.
09/08/13 v.g. stool. Very feisty and cuddly today! Lots to 'tell' me.
11/08/13 normal stool. ate some sensitive this morning as didn't want g/i.
12/08/13 stool ok, little loose at end. No blood.
14/08/13 v. good stool. w. 4.4 kg.
16/08/13 stool ok, little loose at end. No blood. Shes eaten some sensitive tonight. W. 4.4kg.
18/08/13. Stool just as above. I'm feeding her sensitive dry and mostly g/i wet cos we're out of g/i dry and have a ton of sensitive. I think her stool was better on g/i but as long as she doesn't bleed we'll do sensitive. If she bleeds, get g/i in.
20/08/13 a bleed. Ordered g/i for next day. We got g/i wet for her next two meals. I swear, the things I do for this cat.
21/08/13 - Fed G/i only.pooped again, notably less blood.
22/08/13 - weight 4.3kg
24/08/13 - normal stool no blood.
26/08/13 - good stool no blood. Conclusion: g/i is best.
27/08/13 - good stool no blood
29/08/13 - blood traces. Cause unknown. Will continue with g/i for now. If blood worsens or continues could do a switch to sensitive as, as previously noted, sometimes just changing stops a flare.
31/08/13 - good stool no blood
02/09/13 - stool ok no blood
04/09/13 - good stool no blood
06/09/13 - possible trace, not sure
08/09/13 - good stool no blood
10/09/13 - weight 4.4kg
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