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I just typed out a whole massive post and then LJ ate it OMG

First off, tomorrow is my first official meeting with my boss. I've met him before of course, at the interview, and we've skyped and emailed since then, but this will be my first planning meeting in the capacity of an employee. My contract starts on Sep 1, so they probably won't have my office ready, but I will definitely try to sneak a peek. I am very covetous for my office.

Yesterday, just to mess with my newly adjusted body, it was hot. And sunny. I had to stay in in the morning because the decorater came to fill in some plaster in one room which the old tenants messed up, but then I went to B and Q to buy cat-friendly plants that will prosper in the shade of my yard. By prosper I mean not immediately die. I already have a little Japanese maple out there which isn't doing so well (though frankly that's as much due to Act of Beebs as it is to lack of sunlight) and some spider plant cuttings that are fine because spider plants will survive the apocalypse. Yesterday I repotted the spreading cat grass in some trays out there. I went looking for ferns, which I eventually found, after I already bought some conifers and had to exchange them. I'm rather in love with a beautiful punk girl who works at B and Q and helped me find the right washer the other day and told me I could use a pliers instead of a spanner, and yesterday I got to watch her shut down this over-muscled dudebro with much elegance and style. He let his paint can knock over my conifers and got soil all over her checkout, then tried to tell her the checkout was stupid and she wasn't listening, and she handled the whole thing amazingly and he looked like a douche and she looked like a queen and I looked like a person with cartoon hearts in their eyes. She is the real reason all my plants come from B and Q instead of looking for cheaper ones. Knowing my luck she's a grad student and I'll be teaching her methodology course.

Anyway, today it's back to grey and freezing and I'm tired from that mission + walking back dragging the stuff + gardening so I doubt I'll do anything except the essential handwashing of small items in the shower, while a) listening to podfic or b) watching Hoarders on Netflix to remind me why I have to do housework. (sophie_deer made me break my vow of abstinence from reality TV via Skype dates with Ru Paul's drag race, so in for a penny in for a pound right?) Probably the former because I don't want to get the computer wet and I've been writing stuff for the bandom_meme on dreamwidth. The great thing about getting to a fandom that's at least 7 or 8 years old is the back catalogue of classics. *happy queer geek sighs*. Last night I had a dream about that mountain zoo place, and it was awful, wet and cold wtih tigers in tiny enclosures which they could escape at will and then I had to run around the park to get away from them.

The kitties continue to do marvellously. No litter tray issues and they are very happy in their new territory. Here is a picture of them relaxing at the end of my bed together:

Oh and  I got referred to a physiotherapist to see if they can do something about my shoulder and the compensatory back problems. It was really bothering me on Monday and distracting me from work so I called the doctor and asked if I could make an appointment and they said 'today?' and I said 'WAT' because in Cardiff they would maybe have a slot two weeks from now at 9am on a work day. If you were lucky. The doctor also actually looked at my back and confirmed there is something wrong with the muscle configuration. It was all amazingly efficient. So that is one advantage to the rural life, though I will probably have to wait a while for the referral.

Okay more soon. Have a good day everyone.

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