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I actually took these photos last weekend, but I haven't uploaded them until now due to reasons. I met my boss this week, which went well, and was re-aquainted with admin; I've also been introduced by email to the person who is assigned to be my mentor for the PGCE qualification (Post Graduate Certification in Education. I have the lower-level teaching qualification which is associate membership of the Higher Education Academy but part of my contract is that I have to obtain full fellowship by taking the university's PGCE course. Essentially it means keeping a portfolio documenting and reflecting on stuff I already do, but with appropriate terminology). We're probably going to have a meeting next week. I'll also be meeting with the person who's doing the other half of methodology requirements for the MA students, plus I had to go to human resources so they could photocopy my ID and qualifications, which meant I had to, you know, find human resources. So the good news is I'm starting to meet some colleagues and I also have several induction events scheduled for the first week in September. Also I only just found my camera.

Anyway I wanted to show you guys the Victorian pier. All my exploring so far has been going right (I have no idea what direction that is in geographical terms) but on the left side of the town center is the sea shore (for some reason I can't upload these pics to LJ so links go to Imgur):

(One of the few signs I can actually read the Welsh on, courtesy of my primary school Welsh teacher. 'Lan y Mor' was her favourite topic. I'm pretty sure we did Lan y Mor at least twice per year for my entire primary school career).

I walked down the beach road and was almost set upon by some aggressive feathered dinosaurs:

And so came to the Victorian Pier.

Most of the benches and rails have memorials on them. There are also little fishing shops like this and some souvenier and ice cream places. If you stand on the side you can see the old bridge across the Menai straits, and the flats, which is apparently where all the seagulls come from. It does seem like there's some nice parts of the beach where one could actually paddle but the weather is so changeable here that after 2 hot days it suddenly reverted back to wet, hence the photographs.

(the white things are gulls in zoom)

I'm still having a lot of issues with my back (it's hurting right now and I'm trying not to think about it) and I haven't heard anything about the physiotherapy. I'm kind of embarrassed to ask the doctor if I can get more painkillers because a) I'm worried they'll think I'm dependent b) I'm worried about actually *getting* dependent and c) I'm fairly sure my liver and/or kidneys could use a break from metabolizing them. But then on the other hand, I am geniunely in some pain right now, to the point it distracts me when I'm trying to write and going through the Deep Heat like crazy. So I guess I'll see how I'm doing on Monday.

Speaking of writing, I finished the Game of Thrones chapter! Kind of. I've drafted it to the end in any case, and done the book references, and started messaging the people whose fanfic I want to quote for permission. It's Friday night now but I'll pick that up on Monday. Tonight - Skyping/TV with my friend. Tomorrow - collect laundry, haircut, clean house. Sunday - put things in my OFFICE. Yep yep I have an office. There's no stuff in it yet (well there is *stuff*, but no books/posters/plants etc and it's looking very, well, white) so I'll take in some of my books and things. I live literally four minutes walk from the office, which is a plus. I've also seen the room I'll be teaching in and hall I'll be lecturing in.

More soon x

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