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So, there might be a small possibility my girls are a tiny bit spoiled...

Except that spoiled would imply they didn't deserve it and they obviously do. I mean, we three have been through a lot together. In any case it wasn't even that expensive. £34.99 on Amazon including delivery. Bargain. If I could have paid someone else to do it together rather than endure the 2 nights it took me to do it, with much trial and tribulation, screwing and unscrewing and a liberal application of superglue I would have done that too. Anyway they like it a lot. Not as much as they like the giant box it came it, but really, that was a given.

So a few good things
1) I know when my classes are scheduled next year
2) I have significantly fewer students in total than I expected and consequently significantly less marking
3) I have finished writing the book with the exception of bibliography, index and proof reading.

Now concerning 1). I don't teach on a Wednesday. Or a Thursday until 2pm. One of my best friends and I have tickets to see Fall Out Boy in concert on a Wednesday night in Cardiff in October. I'm seriously going to regret this on the Thursday afternoon, but....

Fuck it, I'm not 30 yet.

Honestly I thought I'd have to sell my ticket but this could be my last chance to see FoB in concert and...there's a plane getting into Cardiff in the morning, which means I need to befriend someone during induction week sufficiently to ask them to feed my cats. MISSION STRATEGIC FRIEND MAKING COMMENCES TUESDAY. If that is successful, after the gig I'll grab a few hours sleep at my friend's, take the early morning plane back to Bangor and be back in my own house by 9.15 a.m. I can then sleep for up to three more hours if required, and still give lecture at 2. I've already done the prep for it.

The cats won't even be that late on their breakfast.

In other news, I got my hair cut this week for the first time in Bangor. The guy was nice and the same age as me and they were playing Radio 1's mix on the TV, which is all songs from our high school days, so we just spent the whole time going looool remembered embarrassment. The cut is fine but to be frank it's not worth the £30 it cost. I've had it done just as well for £20, so I'll have to try somewhere else. There's actually a hairdresser's right next door to me which for some reason I overlooked.

I also had my library induction. I have to make interactive reading lists for my modules, which is a new thing, but the librarian showed me a very step-by-step way and I wrote every step down so I think it will be fine. Next week I have my official induction on Tuesday - hence the commencement of strategic friend making. I mean if someone works for the university they're obviously responsible, so my plan is - be nice to someone. - Add them on facebook. - talk about cats. Check their profiles etc. - After sufficient niceness time has elapsed, ask them to pop in and feed my cats one night in October. Of course the other alternative is just hire someone to do it. I have to go to our new vets tomorrow to pick up the girls' wormer so I'll ask if they can reccomend a service. It would literally just be a matter of taking their food out and putting it down with a door between them so Bibi doesn't eat Zara's.

Then I have my first 2 days of training for the PGCE. It seems like a lot of group work and presenting stuff which makes me uncomfortable because I'd rather just read the stuff and write my report and....that's it. Group working and role playing with adults makes me kind of self conscious. But we're only actually graded on our portfolio so that should be fine.

Okay, that's all for now. It's Friday, I'm tired, I was gonna clean my house but I'll do it tomorrow now. What's that dear readers? You want a bonus pic of Zara in her new house? Oh go on then
More soon.
Tags: academia, cats, new house, personal
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