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My shitty decorating

First a caveat - the h and y are missing on my keyboard and i'm pressing the sensor thing under the key so if a word seems to have a letter missing try those in your mind. U's not looking too hot either.
So I didn't really want to wait for my landlord to do something about the major walls - considering she's still in France and not the easiest to get hold of (though in fairness the flipside of this is that she's totally cool with me doing things to the yard, having cats etc and not at all like ARGH MY PRECIOUS HOUSE DONT TOUCH IT). So I said I didn't mind painting them if I could get reimbursed for the materials and she was fine with that. Tbh she seems to be fine with most things that aren't actively illegal. (Though considering the kids who lived here before me managed to literally knock a wall in who knows what else they were doing).Here are the before and after pics of my shitty interior decorating

Can I just say in my defence that that one wall was never going be smooth because the plaster underneath is all fucked up. And I'm going to get some decorative tape or something to go on the edges. There were serious gaps between the wall and roof in that one wall and I had to put filler in. There are still gaps, which hopefully I'm going to plug with something before it's actually winter.


Oh, so in other news, I met someone at work who does research in fan cultures and digital narratives and hypertext and stuff and omg it was such a relief to have someone to talk about my research with. I hadn't realized how much I missed just being able to chat with someone and bounce ideas off eachother without having to start in on a whole explanation (and then usually defence) of fan cultures and fan fiction. Tomorrow I have training in being a personal tutor and then a meeting about the MA programe. It's kind of exciting/alarming how much responsibility I have already. Like assessment design for different years. And I have to give a presentation at an open day about what it's like to study media and cultural studies at university, which, bear in mind, I did not do. When someone asks me 'what is media and cultural studies' is my brain kind of overloads and I'm like WHAT ISN'T MEDIA AND CULTURAL STUDIES ITS LIKE ALL OF LIFE OK but clearly I need to condense that into some kind of 15 minute presentation. XD.

I have to go wash the paint off my hands (and body) now. More soon x
Tags: acadmia, fandom, house
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