reading_is_in (reading_is_in) wrote,

People are nice. Also finished ms.

I'm feeling happy for 2 reasons
1) I got invited to a poker night with my new co-workers and
2) I finished the manuscript of Fanfiction and the Author and sent it to Amsterdam University Press. Well, finished until the editors review it. But you know what I mean - I can focus completely on teaching for a while now.

Even though my self-esteem is reasonable this days, it's always a relief when you're in a new place to find that new people, well, like you. I spent most of my formative years feeling profoundly un-likeable, and a lot of what helped me get over that was friendships with awesome women. When I was young I had a fair bit of internalized misogyny going on, and used slut-shaming language for women who were comfortable with their sexuality. Of course this was entirely a reflection of my own discomfort with my body and sexuality and not the slightest reflection on them, but then I went to college and met kind impressive women who helped me understand that my feelings were the of deep internalization of misogynist culture, and it was honestly like blinkers being removed.

So yes! I am going to do social things with my colleagues, who are great,
so I'm pretty relieved about that.Tomorrow I'll be meeting my first ever personal tutees. And then it's Welcome Week. I'm doing a stall. About my modules. For which I should probably print off handbooks. And...a million other things. They're in my diary. Everything is suddenly very busy, but in a good way.

Here's some more of my shitty decorating. Well, actually, this one I'm pretty happy with because before the fireplace was literally covered by a flattened cardboard box held up with 143987134 pieces of tape. This is hardboard. It's like 1in too short but undoubtedly that's the fault of my measuring.

I also tidied up some of the lines on the painting with insulating tape and then a tape you can paint over. (I haven't actually painted over the tape yet. I'm an academic and a writer goddamit there's a limit to the number of material-world things I can do in a day).

I'm going to go write some fanfic for the bandom_meme now. More soon x

Tags: academia, new house, personal
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